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Claim Teams

Claim Teams

For every native title claim represented by YMAC, there is a team of staff working together. Below are listed some of the key members of each claim team. Claim teams also include dedicated heritage coordinators, future acts officers, compliance officers, assisting lawyers, supervising lawyers, administrative support staff and special project officers not listed here.

To get in touch with your YMAC team contact your local YMAC office or phone 1 300 7 12345.

Yamatji claim teams:

Native Title Claim Claim Lawyer YMAC Anthropologist Project Officer (Community Liaison) Usual Location of Meeting
Amangu WAD6002/04 Daniel Wells Craig Allsop & Sarah Bell Carrum Mourambine Geraldton
Badimia WAD6123/98 and Badimia #2 WAD100/12 Marcus Fort Sarah Bell Derek Councillor Mt Magnet
Budina WAD131/04 Jess Whiteaker Nyssa Colquhoun Derek Councillor Carnarvon
Gnulli WAD6161/98 Cameron Trees Nyssa Colquhoun Carrum Mourambine Carnarvon
Hutt River WAD6001/00 Megan Healy AnnMarie Volpe Carrum Mourambine Northampton
Malgana WAD6236/98 Daniel Wells AnnMarie Volpe Carrum Mourambine Denham
Naaguja WAD6194/98 David Taft AnnMarie Volpe Derek Councillor Geraldton
Nanda WAD6136/98 Marcus Fort AnnMarie Volpe and Alistair Vaughan Carrum Mourambine Geraldton
Wajarri Yamatji WAD6033/98 David Taft Sarah Bell, Craig Allsop, and AnnMarie Volpe Derek Councillor Geraldton
Yugunga-Nya WAD6132/98 Jess Whiteaker Craig Allsop Derek Councillor Meekatharra

Pilbara claim teams:

Native Title Claim Claim Lawyer YMAC Anthropologist Project Officer (Community Liaison) Usual Location of Meeting
Banjima WAD6096/98 Steven Morgan Coralie Cooke Karratha/Tom Price
Jurruru WAD6007/00 Greg Young Alistair Vaughan and Steve Morgan Coralie Cooke Paraburdoo/Onslow
Kariyarra WAD6169/98 Kylie Chalmers Amy Usher Lorraine Hicks Hedland
Kuruma & Marthudenera Louise Keepa Corey Herrmann and Steve Morgan Lorraine Hicks Paraburdoo/Pt. Sampson
Ngarla WAD6185/98 & Ngarla 2 WAD77/05 Jess Whiteaker Alistair Vaughan Coralie Cooke Hedland
Ngarlawangga WAD78/05 Marcus Fort Craig Allsop and Alistair Vaughan Coralie Cooke Karratha/Tom Price
Ngarluma WAD165/08 Carolyn Tan Amy Usher Lorraine Hicks Roebourne
Njamal WAD6028/98 & Njamal 10 WAD6003/00 Marcus Fort Corey Herrmann Coralie Cooke Hedland
Nyangumarta WAD6281/98 Greg Young Stephen Morgan Lorraine Hicks 80 Mile Beach
Nyiyaparli WAD6280/98 Kate Holloman Amy Usher Coralie Cooke Newman
Palyku WAD6287/98 Greg Young Zsuzsanna Gonda Lorraine Hicks Hedland
PKKP WAD6007/01 & PKKP 2 WAD126/05 Louise Keepa Steve Morgan Lorraine Hicks Onslow
Yinhawangka [Part A] WAD340/10 and [Part B] WAD216/10 Kate Holloman Zsuzsanna Gonda and Steve Morgan Coralie Cooke Paraburdoo