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How We Help

How We Help

Knowledge Partnerships takes a holistic approach focusing on country, culture and corporate development. We understand that each project is unique and because of this, so is our approach.

Our service areas include:

Country & Culture

• Cultural heritage services management and advice
• Land management plans, ranger programs, Indigenous Protected Areas (IPA) and traditional ecological knowledge
• Cultural heritage management planning
• Geographic information systems (GIS) and database development
• Return of cultural research materials and archival assistance

Kidson Track flora survey June 2014

Kidson Track flora survey

People & Community

• Culturally appropriate community consultation and engagement
• Meeting facilitation and event management
• Arts, film and storytelling projects
• Genealogical mapping, oral history collection and language revitalisation

Legal Advice & Agreement Making

• Agreement making, compliance and implementations
• Support and expertise in creating corporate structures, joint management agreements and co-management reserves

Business & Training

• Business development and strategic planning
• Grant support services, proposals and management
• Skill audits and staff training for stronger employment pathways
• Cultural awareness business support, assistance with educational packages

Communications & Advocacy

• Corporate brand development
• Website development, newsletters, brochures
• Media management, stakeholder engagement and communications
• Submissions, research and policy development

Governance & Administration

• Company secretarial services and executive office support
• Corporate establishment services, rule books, constitutions and Board support
• Corporate governance support
• Financial reporting, governance and legislature compliance

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