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Claim Background

The Amangu native title claim covers approximately 27,388 square kilometres of land and sea in the Yamatji region. It lies in the City of Greater Geraldton and the Shires of Carnamah, Chapman Valley, Irwin, Mingenew, Morawa, Northampton, Perenjori, Three Springs and Yalgoo.

It is found within the area designated by YMAC as the Geraldton Settlement Area (GSA). The GSA comprises the Amangu, Hutt River, Mullewa Wadjari, Naaguja and Widi Mob claims. These claims are part of what has been known as the Alternative Settlement strategy and more recently the Court has been describing as the Geraldton Cluster.

The three YMAC represented GSA claims plus Mullewa Wadjari and Widi Mob are involved in negotiations with a variety of parties. The main aim is negotiating outcomes and secondary aim is reducing the risks of litigation if these negotiated outcomes cannot be finalised. All five claims receive regular attention from the Federal Court through case management conferences and Court correspondence, and these meetings continue to resolve boundary and membership issues.

There is also an ongoing level of future act activity in the Amangu claim area. Several Right to Negotiate matters including Petroleum and Railway Corridor projects are underway. The Amangu Working Group has met with a number of companies on several occasions to discuss these matters.

More generally, the Amangu claim group continues to experience a steady flow of Right to Negotiate matters. Petroleum exploration agreements were successfully finalised with two companies in November 2015. Four other pending petroleum exploration permits, and one petroleum production license, are being explored.