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Claim Background

The Naaguja claim covers approximately 5,581 square kilometres of land and water in the Yamatji region. It lies in the City of Greater Geraldton and the Shires of Chapman Valley, Irwin and Northampton. It includes the town site of Geraldton.

This claim is part of what has been known as the Alternative Settlement strategy and more recently the Court has been describing as the Geraldton Cluster.

The three YMAC represented claims plus Mullewa Wadjari and Widi Mob are involved in negotiations. The main aim is negotiating outcomes and the secondary aim is reducing the risks of litigation if negotiated outcomes cannot be finalised. All five claims receive regular attention from the Federal Court through case management conferences and Court correspondence.

During the reporting period, the Federal Court made orders in the five Geraldton-region claims, including the Naaguja claim. The orders are designed to enable the five claim groups to resolve outstanding claim overlaps and enable them to formulate any proposals that they might put to the State to resolve the claims by way of a settlement.

To facilitate these objectives, the Court has referred the five claims, including the Naaguja claim, to mediation. The first Federal Court mediation with the Naaguja claim group was held on 28 April 2016.

YMAC continues to provide assistance to the Naaguja people about future acts, heritage, and both agreement implementation and compliance.