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Nyangumarta (native title recognised in 2009)


Claim Background

The Nyangumarta native title determination covers approximately 34,000 square kilometres of land in the Pilbara region. It lies in the Shires of Broome and
East Pilbara.

The Nyangumarta claim is determined, but YMAC continues to represent the Nyangumarta People in their future act and heritage matters. The State and the Nyangumarta people were engaged in lengthy negotiations regarding an ILUA for the creation and joint management of marine parks and conservation reserves in the Nyangumarta determination area, particularly the Eighty Mile Beach Marine Park and the Walyarta Conservation Reserve.

The ILUA (incorporating a joint management agreement) is now operative, having been signed by the state government in December 2014. The ILUA acknowledges that the Nyangumarta People will pursue other opportunities to protect and manage conservation and cultural values in their determination area.

The inaugural joint management body meeting was held on 29 April 2015 and a management plan has been developed for the Eighty Mile Beach Marine Park.