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Thiin-Mah Warriyangka, Tharrkari and Jiwarli (TMWTJ)

Claim Background

The Thiin-Mah Warriyangka, Tharrkari and Jiwarli (TMWTJ) is a joint native title claim covering more than 6800 square kilometers in the Shires of Ashburton, Carnarvon, and Upper Gascoyne. It lies on the boundary of the Yamatji and Pilbara representative regions.

YMAC was approached by members of the TMWTJ Applicant in June of 2016, and was formally retained in September 2016.

The claim was brought forward on behalf of claimants determined to be native title holders in the nearby Thudgari determination. YMAC does not provide legal representation to the PBC for the Thudgari determination area Kulyamba Aboriginal Corporation.