Country, Culture, People, Future

Yamatji Regional Committee


Peter Windie

Co-Chairperson - Board of Directors, Chairperson - Yamatji Regional Committee

Peter is a Thudgari man who played an integral leadership role in his peoples Native Title Determination in 2009.

Peter lives in Gascoyne Junction and is a well respected community leader in the region. He is chairman of the Windi Mia Aboriginal Corporation, where he is pursuing possible tourism and pastoral ventures in the Yamatji region.

Peter is passionate about Country and the depth Aboriginal people are spiritually connected to the land.


Deborah Oakley

Deputy Co-Chairperson - Board of Directors, Deputy Chairperson - Yamatji Regional Committee

Deborah is a Malgana woman. She currently works with the Carnarvon Aboriginal Medical Service and looks forward to contributing her cultural knowledge and skills towards her work for the Yamatji Regional Committee and Board of Directors.

Country is very precious to Deborah’s heart. For her, Country goes way back to ancestors and now it is up to the current and younger generations to respect what is here.

Deborah is very active.  In her spare time she enjoys  singing and dancing as well as playing basketball, football, softball, darts and going fishing and swimming.


Richard Oakley

Richard is a Malgana man from Carnarvon who is actively involved in his community and has experience working on a variety of boards and committees for community organisations.

Richard has been involved in native title for a long time. Access to Country to be able to pass on lore and culture to is very important to him. Richard would like to see recognition for all Aboriginal people and believes it is important for Aboriginal people unite and work together to protect their culture and Country.

Richard was elected to the Board of Directors and the Yamatji Regional Committee at the Yamatji Annual Regional Meeting on 30th November 2014.



Paul Baron

Paul is a Baiyungu man and a member of the Gnulli native title claim. He is the general manager of the Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation, which is involved in development and land holdings in the Coral Bay area, including the Cardabia pastoral lease.

Paul lives in Carnarvon and is a keen fisherman, but also enjoys hunting and camping in his spare time. Being on the YMAC Regional Committee is important to him because he believes that full recognition of traditional ownership provides Aboriginal people a base for building strong communities and enterprises.


Rhodda Capewell

Rhodda is a member of the Wajarri Yamatji and Amangu claim groups. She was elected to the Yamatji Regional Committee in 2014.  Being on the Yamatji Committee is important to Rhodda because it gives her the opportunity to learn more about native title and her people. Although she did not have the opportunity to learn about her traditions as a child, Rhodda is now exploring Wajarri culture and tradition. She encourages her children to talk to the old people so that they can understand their culture.

Rhodda is passionate about sport. She has played rugby league at both  state and national level and she was the first Aboriginal woman to play for WA in the National Rugby League Championships. She has worked as a role model through the Department of Sports and Recreation to assist others in their sporting development.


Merle Dann

Merle is a Thudgari Traditional Owner with deep roots in her community. She previously served on the YMAC Board of Directors and Yamatji Regional Committee from 2008-2010, from 2012-2014, and was elected back on the Yamatji Regional Committee in November 2016.


Cicily Dowden

Cicily is a Wajarri woman and a resident of Carnarvon. She works as a transport officer for the Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation and is a dedicated mother and grandmother.

Cicily is pleased to be a member of the Yamatji Committee so she can work towards her vision for the future. Her aims for the future includes the passing on the knowledge to Aboriginal children to know their culture, language and heritage.

She looks forward to seeing her grandchildren learning their languages from both sides of her family.

In her spare time, Cicily loves gardening and learning about Wajarri Country.


Beverley Ladyman

Beverley is a Malgana woman who lives in Carnarvon. She is an Aboriginal health worker and health professional who has worked at the Aboriginal Medical Service and the Carnarvon Hospital.

Beverley loves camping, football, basketball and tennis, and she hopes in the future all Aboriginal people will be able continue with their traditional hunting, camping and fishing. She has previously served as a Director on YMAC’s Board, and was elected to the Yamatji Regional Committee in November 2016.


Charlie Lapthorne

Charlie is a Thudgari man, who was an applicant on the Thudgari native title claim. He served on the Yamatji regional committee from 2012-2014, and re-elected to the Committee in November 2016. Charlie lives outside of Carnarvon.


Karlene Mongoo

Karlene is a member of the Nanda native title claim who lives in Northampton. She was recently elected to the Yamatji Regional Committee at the Annual Regional Meeting in November 2015.


Davina Mourambine

Davina is a Wajarri woman who lives in Northampton with her family.

She has been working with Aboriginal children for 15 years ensuring a safe growing environment for them so that they may  look forward to a positive future.

Davina was elected to the Yamatji Committee in 2013 and has been a member of YMAC since she was 18.


Kathleen Musulin

Kathleen is a Malgana woman who has a passion for native title issues and Aboriginal communities. She currently lives and works in Carnarvon.

Kathleen has previously served as a Director on YMAC’s Board, and was elected to the Yamatji Regional Committee in November 2016.


Susan Oakley

Susan is a Malgana woman who is very active in the Carnarvon community. She is the acting Chair of the Carnarvon Aboriginal Congress, a body set up to address the needs of the community, and is part of the Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation. She also involves herself  in the local community by participating as an umpire for local sports teams.

Country means everything to Susan. She wants Aboriginal people to be able to be free on Country, to hunt and fish and look after the land and the environment. This and her desire for justice for Aboriginal people motivates her native title work with YMAC.


Ben Roberts

Ben is a Thudgari man who lives in Carnarvon. He was instrumental in assisting his community in the work towards their Native Title recognised in 2009. He is involved in the Thudgari People’s Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC), Wyamba.

Ben enjoys fishing, camping and visiting Country with his children and grandchildren.

Ben has served on the Yamatji Regional Committee and the YMAC Board of Directors, and was re-elected to the Yamatji Regional Committee in November 2016.