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On 31 August 2017, the State of Western Australia invited Southern Yamatji, Hutt River, Mullewa Wadjari and Widi Mob claim groups to enter into negotiations about an alternative settlement of native title claims.

Negotiations formally started on 6 November 2017 with the signing of the Grant Agreement that commits the State to funding parts of the negotiation process. Current negotiations are expected to lead to an agreement called the Geraldton Alternative Settlement Agreement (the Agreement). The Agreement will be an agreement between the State and the Geraldton claim groups.

On 8 November 2017, the Federal Court set a deadline for the State and the four claim groups to negotiate the Agreement and register the Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) by 27 December 2019.

The four native title claim groups currently involved in the Agreement negotiations are collectively known as the Separate Proceeding Area (SPA) claims. YMAC will provide ongoing advice and representation to the native title claim groups that it represents in the SPA, which are currently Hutt River and Southern Yamatji.

What is the Yamatji Nation Southern Regional Agreement (YNSRA)?

The YNSRA will be an agreement between the State and the Geraldton claim groups.

Note: the Agreement was previously called “GASA”. A name change to YNSRA was implemented in July 2018.  Some legacy documents that pre-date this name change will refer to the Agreement and the negotiations as “GASA”.

What is the role of the Federal Court in the negotiations?

The YNSRA negotiations are being run as Federal Court mediations. A Federal Court Judicial Registrar has been appointed as the mediator, and facilitates each negotiation meeting.

The Registrar reports to the Federal Court on progress made towards the deadline of  27 December 2019 to reach an agreement and register the ILUA.

Federal Court of Australia

Who negotiates on behalf of the claim groups?

The four SPA claims have set up a 12-person Traditional Owner Negotiation Team (TONT). Through their Working Groups or Applicant Groups, each of the four claims has nominated and authorised representatives to be on the TONT.

Negotiations with the representatives of the State of Western Australia began on 14-15 November 2017 in Geraldton. The TONT will continue to negotiate face to face with the State to reach the best possible agreement.

The aim is to achieve an agreement that reflects the aspirations and needs of the Geraldton Traditional Owner community as a whole. Any agreement that is reached will need to be endorsed by the community. The current TONT members are:

Mullewa Wadjari Representatives
Leedham Papertalk Snr
Glenda Jackamarra

Hutt River Representatives
Paul Eley
Helen Nutter

Widi Mob Representatives
Shirley McPherson
Kathleen Pinkerton

Southern Yamatji Representatives
Wayne Warner
Fred Taylor
Rod Little
Carol Martin
Ross Councillor
Delveen Whitby
Leedham Papertalk Snr
Glenda Jackamarra
Helen Nutter
Paul Eley
Shirley McPherson
Kathleen Pinkerton



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Community Sessions

16 community sessions are happening between Monday 19 March and Monday 9 April in 10 different locations around Western Australia.

All members of Hutt River, Mullewa Wadjari, Southern Yamatji and Widi Mob claims are invited to attend one or more meetings.

*Please note: The sessions are not open to the public or media and only members of these claim groups may attend.

For more information about the community sessions and to view the schedule and locations for March – April 2018 please click on the link provided.

Outside of these scheduled meetings, YMAC staff members are available to meet briefly with individuals and groups. Please let us know if you are interested in this option by filling in the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this web page.

GASA Community Sessions Schedule

GASA Feedback Form


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